Vulcana Women's Circus takes its name from a British strong woman who performed amazing feats of strength throughout the world, including Australia, in the early part of the twentieth century. Vulcana was renowned for her ability to lift an adult man above her head with one arm, she received medals and awards throughout her career as both an athlete and variety performer. Vulcana was also an early feminist, and in particular an ardent member of the sensible clothing movement, which lobbied against the wearing of corsets and other restrictive, dangerous clothing for women.

Vulcana Women's Circus is proud to take its name from this inspiring forebear of women's circus and to draw inspiration from her astonishing abilities. Vulcana Women's Circus was formed in 1995 in response to the need to create a safe, non-competitive space where women could feel free to explore their physical potential.

Women's Circus is unique to Australia and has developed alongside the development of Community Cultural Development practices. Vulcana is increasingly becoming recognised as a leader in "Social Circus" and continues to create opportunities for women, young people and communities to participate in physical and creative processes, ensuring our model of practice is responsive and dynamic, giving people the best chance to experience personal revolution.

Vulcana provides incentives for the celebration of identity, as the diverse backgrounds of participants are privileged through Vulcana's supportive and encouraging practice.

Vulcana is proud to have inspired, supported and celebrated the achievements of many remarkable women in circus. Some of the people who learn, train, devise and perform with Vulcana have gone on to tour the world with renowned circus companies as well as with their own work. In addition, some of the people who learn, train, devise and perform with Vulcana pursue other interests, hobbies and careers that are in no way related to circus. We are proud of our diverse community and each individual's success in their chosen field.