100 Women Strong Campaign

Why 100 Women Strong?

Vulcana takes its name from Vulcana the Victorian era strongwoman, once known as the strongest woman in the world. Its fitting therefore that our campaign to continue our good work in the coming years, seeks to engage 100 of Queensland's strongest women leaders from the community and business sectors.

What is 100 Women Strong?

We have a long history of supporting the most vulnerable women in our community through the circus traditions of inclusiveness, strength, excitement and daring. At Vulcana we recognise and value all women as leaders and role models, and believe that healthy, empowered women are essential in building and shaping strong communities.

Transforming the path for disadvantaged women is not a task we can do alone. Through 100 Women Strong we seek both the financial security, inspiration and guidance to allow Vulcana to continuously innovate and take risks.

How do I take part in 100 Women Strong?

We know you share the same aspirations for women in our community as we do, but we also know as a leader you are time-poor and may be unable to commit to participating in activities. By making an annual contribution, you will be creating  opportunities for women to explore their potential through physical and creative processes that allow for personal development and enriching new experiences.

Express your interest today and become 1 of 100 strong women leaders committing to social change

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