Here's what some of our participants have said about being involved in Vulcana ...

"Vulcana tells me I CAN where others have said I can't."


"I get to do what I've wanted to do since I was a little girl - thanks to you!"


"Vulcana gives me the opportunity as an older woman to express, explore, develop my creativity in a safe encouraging environment. You guys are fabulous and bold. I am so grateful for your being here!"


"I love Acrobalance at Vulcana because it is both lots of fun. It’s also both challenging and rewarding to work with other bodies and learn how to balance, move and flow with other people. I find Acro to be a fantastic way to develop more body awareness and strength (pressing people up and down on your feet is hard work!) which transfers to my aerial and other ground based circus work as well as my overall fitness."


"I love the challenge and creativity of classes."


"Vulcana is a safe, healing place where you can be yourself, free from social persecution in a loving environment."