Aperture, Island Vibe Festival, Stradbroke Island, October 2009

Aperture was a wonderful series of acts created as part of a mentorship project for emerging performers to work with Directors Celia White and Penny Lowther and Rigger Helen Clifford, in the creation of theatrical circus acts. It was an opportunity for eight very diverse performers with a wide range of performance experiences and skills to be taken through the process of making a professional act.

Each performer was encouraged to push their work artistically, technically and politically to reflect their own personal styles and concerns. Themes of struggle, hidden secrets and desires emerged as a thread weaving the acts together. Nadia’s cloud routine reflected the intensely personal journey that women’s circus had provoked for her, what it is to struggle and succeed. Rae-Ming continued her beautiful exploration of artistic possibilities on her lyra / tissu rig. Katelyn’s hula hoop act experimented with different ways to push the conventions of the hoop, whilst Tiara’s provocative piece explored burlesque from a non white perspective, using its conventions of the ‘exotic other’, to question and unpack its implied racism. Marianna embraced comedy and clown techniques to create her quirky, absurd piece that delighted audiences as she was lifted high on her ladder into the roof of the big top and Shaz n Daz were in fine form as they wrestled their way into each other’s and the audiences hearts. Fiona’s poetry weaved in and around the acts pulling on threads that connected and unravelled throughout the show.

Aperture was successfully showcased at Island Vibe festival on Stradbroke Island in October 2009 to large audiences and rave reviews.