Vulcana is working with our wonderful Vulcana Kids & Teens partner Junction Park State School on a cross generational project that brings students at risk together with residents of the local TriCare Aged Care Residence, The Annerley Library and the Annerley-Stephen Historical Group to create Circus Futures and Histories.


About Circus Futures and Histories

The project will use circus and story telling to explore the history of play across generations.

It will provide students the opportunity to learn new skills, build their confidence, and meet older people outside their family. They will share stories about play, journeys to school and of their neighbourhood. This cross-generational collaboration aims to build respect and understanding.

Vulcana is excited to be strengthening our relationship with Junction Park State School and see how we can continue to support the vulnerable students in their community.  Vulcana is also excited about this opportunity to build relationships with older community members through the inspiration of circus and play.


Key Dates

The project began on 22 April 2016 and will be running until September 2016. We’ll celebrate the end of the project with a showing at Junction Park State School.


Partners / Supporters

Here are all the organisations involved in making Circus Futures and Histories a success:

  • Junction Park State School
  • TriCare Aged Care Residence, Annerley
  • The Annerley Library
  • Annerley-Stephen Historical Group
  • Brisbane City Council