The Box – Deaf and Disabled Artists

At Vulcana we're passion about working with different communities, and have a long history of working alongside Deaf and disabled artists.

We're committed to working with this community, and The Box is our work-in-progress title for this work.


About The Box

The Box is all about exploring access - playing with access elements as creative tools to be part of performances, rather than added on as 'extras'. It's about looking at how Deaf and disabled people navigate the world differently, and using that as creative inspiration and motivation.

Combining these access elements with circus, and other art forms, we are at the 'playing' stage of The Box ... and are enjoying this process of evolution.


The Team

The Box is being led by a steering group of disabled, Deaf and non-disabled artists:

  • Celia White
  • Kirstin Sillitoe
  • Lauren Watson
  • Racheal Missingham
  • Sarah Houbolt
  • Natalie Lazaroo
  • Charlie Pickle
  • Creative Access (Bec Jones)