Circus is a wonderful opportunity for children and young people to discover the power and potential of their bodies and to marvel at their mind’s capacity to master creative physical challenges – both as individuals and as part of a group.

Vulcana works with the circus traditions of inclusiveness, strength, excitement, and daring to transform and empower individuals and communities.


Vulcana Kids & Teens – What to expect

If you were to come into a Vulcana Kids & Teens circus class you would observe children approaching the given tasks from a variety of starting points. Under the supervision of some of Brisbane’s finest circus trainers, certain kids will be thinking first, then doing; other children throwing their bodies into the directive then analyzing later; and another kind of child standing back, observing what the others within the group do, then making their approach based on those observations.

Circus, by its very nature and history supports diversity and is enhanced by the  different abilities of the bodies that come to play. Vulcana Kids & Teens honours this tradition by welcoming the many approaches that individuals bring to class.


What Will my Child Learn at Vulcana Kids & Teens?

Circus can be many things concurrently. It sets challenges for the individual to master, it encourages trust building within a group and encourages risk taking in a safe and supervised environment. Circus can be gentle,  non-competitive, fun and foolish, but conversely can be sweat and grunt and repetition all in order to achieve a set challenge: a cartwheel, a backbend, catching a single ball, hanging from a trapeze, walking on stilts… the list goes on.

In a world where the virtual reigns, circus is a real time activity. Vulcana Kids & Teens circus students interact with their trainers and their peers to develop skills that can only be achieved by doing – and doing repeatedly. Circus instills a sense of achievement at the accomplishment of learned skills and this, in turn, builds self-esteem.

Circus can also assist in the development of literacy and numeracy in young people and in the development of motor and social skills in a soft and non-intrusive way: the building of shared verbal safety cues in the making of a human pyramid; the counting of balls during juggling; waiting for a turn to jump rope with the group, the list goes on.

At Vulcana Kids & Teens we believe that children should have access to a variety of rich and meaningful experiences.