Our Philosophy

What you can expect at a Vulcana class?

Vulcana Women’s Circus works with the circus traditions of inclusiveness, strength, excitement, and daring to transform and empower individuals and communities!

Vulcana engages with people of all ages and all communities, as artists, arts-workers, participants and audience members, with a specific focus on:

-  Women
-  Deaf and disabled people
-  LGBTIQ communities
-  CALD communities

Vulcana offers:

  • A talent for everyone!
  • A shared physical language for people of all backgrounds to explore, express, and build connections
  • Opportunities for individual or community expression and collaboration, including performance opportunities
  • Professional pathways for those who hear the Circus calling!

Supportive structure 

  • it's important to the trainers that you're there, that you're getting what you need from the class (physically or otherwise)
  • everyone in the class shares responsibility and shares benefit.

Safe Spaces 

  • aside from the regular warm-up warm down, we allocate a little bit of time at the start and finish of a class for check-in and check out. this is a space for you to tell us your hopes for the class, your fears or worries about what you might have to do, certain things you really want to achieve, or just a chance to get something off your chest, to clear your head for the day.