Barely Contained – 2017 Fundraising Cabaret

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Barely Contained Cabaret

Barely Contained Cabaret is a celebration of new works of circus by artists from Vulcana. It is also our annual fundraiser to generate funds towards programs such as our support for circus artists through the Incubator program.

Many of the works explore internal thoughts and processes that have erupted in an exuberant expression of circus and physicality. Some works embody this barely contained energy, some subtly examine this internal process, some revel in the contortions of circus itself, and some resort to the ridiculous to express their conundrum.

All this is navigated for you by our brilliant Ms of Ceremonies, Juanita, who has momentarily abandoned her flea circus to wrangle our Barely Contained bevy of artists.

There will be raffle prizes, food and drink, and a prize for the best costume. So come dressed in your finest, whatever that may be.

Learn about the amazing cast:

Juanita - EMCEE Extraordinaire

All the way from the back of beyond comes Juanita the Flea Whisperer. She’s ditched her fleas for the night and headed to the big smoke. Look out! We are all in for a treat. She’ll have us jumping all over the place as she leads us through a flea free, fun filled, barely contained cabaret.

 Louise Trotter

I've done competition gymnastics since early childhood and now have been doing pole dancing for 2 years and have done almost 2 terms of intermediate trapeze with Vulcana. I enjoy all things aerial and always loved going to see circus performances such as cirque du soleil. Theres nothing better than hanging upside down!

Maite Miramontes

Through the use of movement and tumbling, Maite explores the repetition of work, day after day, month after month. The exhaustion and feeling of being stuck in your job. The expectations placed on yourself, the pressure and never ending paperwork. Maite transitions from frustration to exhilaration by throwing paper, spinning, slipping, turning and exploding through the space.

Georgia-Elizabeth Bale

Though still quite new to circus, Georgia-Elizabeth has quickly fallen in love with the world of aerials. After having spent many years as a backstage tech, this will be one of her first times involved in the other side of a performance. In this act, she seeks to integrate light, music and physical performance to explore the line between structure and creativity, and question if these concepts are as juxtaposed as they may initially appear to be.

Ellen Grow

Ellen Grow is a Brisbane-based performer and trainer, delving into the world of artistic development. In this new work, circus and music combine to create an exploration of movement, balance and expression, in collaboration with and inspired by live singing and cello by Samuel Boyd.

 Emma Gee Kee

Emma has trained with Vulcana for the last 5 years and hangs out every week for trapeze Tuesdays! (pun-intended) She finds circus a great outlet from her day job as  an occupational therapist working with sick kids.



Mayu is one of our trainers for both adults and kids programs and she also performs professionally. She has become a regular face for Vulcana events for a last few years performing, dancing and volunteering. She is excited to share her new ideas and explorations of movements in the air using aerial rope in this Vulcana Cabaret.


Rachael Gibson is strongly driven by her enjoyment of physical skills. Her performances focus on connecting with the audience and transporting them into other worlds... worlds that are often sweet, sometimes stormy, but always full of the joy of play and Barely Contained!


Barely Contained cast member Bianca is a demented aerialist, unique acrobat, mad hula hoop artist and aspiring bagpipe player; she is a relentless creator of new circus.


Elyse fitzpatrick

We can barely contain sharing that Elyse is unfailingly energetic and lives her life at twice the speed of normal humans, with three times the strength and twelve times the joy! She’s tried her hand at several aerial apparatus, and is currently enjoying the challenge of creative tumbling, pushing the limits of what her body can do, always willing to try “again!”

Madeleine Grant

Maddy has a background in physical performance and fringe theatre. 7 years ago she started circus training and 4 years ago she became a student at Vulcana. In the last 2 years she has performed at a number of cabarets and events, including works for Vulcana, 2High Festival, West End Festival, Ruckus Slam and the WOW Festival. Working both in the air and on the ground she aims to create surreal and ridiculous performance that explores her never-ending battle with inanimate objects. She will demonstrate this and much more as part of the Vulcana Ensemble!


Meet Brisbane-based artist and Barely Contained cast member Elijah. Elijah is currently completing a Bachelor of Fine Art at the Queensland College of Art. He is simultaneously furthering his training as a circus aerialist and performer with Vulcana Circus and is continuously seeking new ways to converge circus culture with his art career.



Queen Champers rules semi benevolently from Castle Castle in Woodfordia and is adored by some, surely. She enjoys commanding peasants, reading Shakespeare, and spending time with Kath and Kim. Marilyn Minuit is everything you would expect of a 1920's lady. Cunning and comfortable in her position of power at the top of the myth dealing Big Hat Rail Company. Straight off the back of their award winning show in Anywhere Theatre Fest, these characters are ready for a night out at the cabaret.