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Can you resist your chiming phone in intimate circumstances? Does the ping of notifications drag your attention away from important conversations? Can you fill empty moments of possible boredom without reaching for a device? Can you resist the potential Inertia of just too much information?

The bodies of 10 women tested the threat of Inertia through physical action and reaction…bodies collided with bodies, bodies challenged gravity and weight, bodies brought down the looming, ever-present mobile tower to overcome inertia, and in so doing create powerful circus that was inventive, exciting and demanding, combining dynamic physicality with expressive performance.

The Vulcana Ensemble's inaugural and original performance piece, Inertia was presented as part of Brisbane Powerhouse's Wonderland Festival in December 2016, with an almost sell out season.

"…a work of art that is strong, moody and full of modern-life commentary” - Nothing Ever Happens in Brisbane


Celia White (artistic director and performance maker of Vulcana, and much more) and Bianca Mackail (co-founder of 3 is a Crowd Circus Company, has developed and toured work extensively in Australia, Asia and Europe, and much more)

Ensemble Members


Shannon Berry Bam - As an adult adopter of circus, with no real background in sport or physical arts (except maybe ballroom dance, but we don’t talk about that anymore), Shannon began to develop her skills in tissu, aerial chain, acro balance and tightwire at Vulcana in 2011. Over the years she has been involved in a number of Vulcana productions including The Wizard of Auslan and Small Change. She co-produced and performed in a production called HabitAt as part of the Anywhere Theatre Festival in 2014, has been part of the 2High Festival, and is a repeat offender performing in the MELT Queer Cabaret in 2015 and 2016.



Eliza Gawne - Eliza Dolly is a versatile circus artist who specialises in aerial ring. She has performed in a variety of community events and festivals, most recently in West End Festival with MOI productions. She aims to make work which is physically powerful and politically challenging. Eliza is known for her ability to daydream enthusiastically and her love for showtunes. She is not very good at standing still, but she is working on it.



Maite Miramontes - Maite has been involved with Vulcana for 3 years. With years of experience after coming from a gymnastics background. Maite has mainly trained in aerials and tumbling, most recently having performed in the Unleashed Cabaret. Spending most days teaching four to six years olds, the rest of Maite’s time is either upside down or resting!



Regan Henry - Regan has been playing with ways of moving through the world for as long as she can remember. After dabbling in dance, parkour, tree climbing, capoeira and gymnastics, she has settled happily into the world of circus. She has been training aerials for the past five years but has only recently discovered some of the joys of staying on the ground. If being on the ground can be described as attempting to spring off it or else climb on other people. Merely walking has never been an option.


sallySally Walker - Sally fell in love with circus in 2003 and has trained with Vulcana Women’s Circus in Brisbane and the National Centre for Circus Arts in London. Being part of the Vulcana Performance Ensemble has given Sally the opportunity to focus on the things she really loves about circus - the sense of community, exploring different ways of moving, and different ways of interacting with the audience. Sally has a day job that involves spreadsheets and radio, and she also has a four-year-old daughter.



Leanne Smith - Leanne is both an Inertia ensemble cast member and a local business owner of Harmony Natural Therapies which has been providing massage, acupuncture and naturopathic advice to the local community for 13 years. After 10 years of competitive martial arts, where she competed nationally, Leanne has been training aerials for the past five years gathering knowledge from a number of different schools, performing aerials for Elements aerial studio for the Expressions pole comp, Annie the musical for squids and lots of local showcases. Her time is typically shared between the tissu, aerial hoop and her two dogs Winter and Raiden.



Elyse Fitzpatrick - Elyse is new to circus artistry, having joined Vulcana Women's Circus two years ago. She's tried her hand at several apparatus, including tissu but is currently enjoying the challenge of creative tumbling, pushing the limits of what her body can do, always willing to try "again!" Elyse has performed aerial routines as a part of Vulcana's Fluid cabaret during the Melt Festival and the Naked 2High Festival in Fortitude Valley, eagerly awaiting this next performance opportunity! Elyse is unfailingly energetic and lives her life at twice the speed of normal humans, with three times the strength and twelve times the joy!



Sonja Matthews - Coming from the world of rock climbing, Sonja found Vulcana 3 years ago and hasn't looked back. Predominantly a solo aerialist specialising in cloud, teardrop and aerial chain, she has recently discovered a passion for basing partner and group acro-balances. She loves producing works that challenge her strength and the audience's perceptions of what women can achieve, which of course is at the core of what the Vulcana Ensemble will bring to you!



Madeleine Grant - Maddy has a background in physical performance and fringe theatre. 7 years ago she started circus training and 4 years ago she became a student at Vulcana. In the last 2 years she has performed at a number of cabarets and events, including works for Vulcana, 2High Festival, West End Festival, Ruckus Slam and the WOW Festival. Working both in the air and on the ground she aims to create surreal and ridiculous performance that explores her never-ending battle with inanimate objects. She will demonstrate this and much more as part of the Vulcana Ensemble!




Yonna Simon - Yonna started training at Vulcana Women’s circus 7 years ago. She has enjoyed many different aspects of circus since then but is happiest when people are standing on her. Yonna’s main training is therefore as an Acro-balance and acrobatics base. She also loves training children in all things circus. Yonna has recently performed with the all female acrobatics group ‘The Juxtaposers’ as part of Vulcana’s Incubator program ‘Unleashed take two’ and ‘West End Festival – The Devil may care Cabaret’. The basic gist is: Yonna loves all things acro, and this superstar is super excited to be part of the ensemble cast of Inertia.