Magnificent Monster Circus!

The Magnificent Monster Circus Show is a playful, exuberant show over 30 minutes, reminding everyone of the joys and possibilities of imagination. It was commissioned by the Brisbane Powerhouse and presented on the Performance Lawn as part of Powerkidz Festival in July 2014 to large crowds of appreciative children and their adults.

What Happens in the Show?

Three acrobats arrive on stage to find their show is still in boxes! As they search for their wayward equipment they create a makeshift world of cardboard, hoops and dreams. As each box opens the audience encounters fresh realms of make-believe and magic.

The performers meld circus skills – hoops, silks, trapeze and acro-balance, with a childlike passion for the cardboard boxes. This combination creates a world filled with puppets, robot dances and a mysterious monster lurking in the background!

Combine Shows and Workshops

Working in tandem with Vulcana Kids & Teens, our children’s circus workshop program, the young students were given the opportunity to contribute to the performance. They were taught the finale dance and how to operate the monster puppet for each performance.

These kids are now part of the big secret! The monster that has been plaguing the performers is actually children, playing a joke on them. In the finale they reveal themselves and join with the acrobats to show off their new skills and perform the finale dance together.

Book the Magnificent Monster Circus

Contact us to make enquiries about booking the Magnificent Monster Circus Show and / or Workshop Program.


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Photographs by Studio Impress and NFG