Vulcana Incubator

We are looking forward to working with selected artists during Incubator to see what they can come up with! We are passionate about providing platforms for engagement and sharing of work and will aim to prompt and guide artists to create innovative work.

The aim of our Incubator is to:

  • Support the development of new circus works
  • Provide a space for creative exploration and experimentation
  • Nurture and grow our emerging performers

During this time, artists will have access to the rehearsal space and use of equipment at no cost. They will also be under the supervision and support of the Artistic Director, General Manager and office team of Vulcana Women's Circus which includes (but not limited to) direction, production, creative, grant writing and marketing support.

Meet the participants of Incubator 2017 -

Elijah Jackson





Eliza Gawne





Ellen Grow





Elyse Fitzpatrick





Georgia-Elizabeth Bale





Grace Law





Kelsey Adams





Madeleine Grant





Maite Miramontes





Marianna Joslin





Mayu Muto





Nadia Jade





Rachael Gibson





Regan Henry

Regan Henry unconventional balancing