We are looking forward to working with these artists during Incubator to see what they can come up with! We are passionate about providing platforms for engagement and sharing of work and will aim to prompt and guide artists to create innovative work.

The aim of our Incubator is to:

  • Support the development of new circus works
  • Provide a space for creative exploration and experimentation
  • Nurture and grow our emerging performers

During this time, artists will have access to the rehearsal space and use of equipment at no cost. They will also be under the supervision and support of the Artistic Director, General Manager and office team of Vulcana Women’s Circus which includes (but not limited to) direction, production, creative, grant writing and marketing support.


Some of the work in Incubator may go on to perform in Hatched, our mid-year cabaret, on Sunday 17 July 2016.






Incubator dates for 2016 are now closed. Keep your eyes peeled for Incubator 2017 opportunities.







Want to support the development of some of the most innovative work in the circus sector in Australia?

We have some great partnership opportunities with Incubator and / or Hatched, just contact our General Manager on 07 3358 1888 or






Participants; Incubator 2016

Bianca MackailBianca Mackail

Bianca is an acrobatic artist who combines strength, agility and flow in the air and on the floor. Specialising in non-narrative conceptual circus, she strives to create work that’s from the heart and soul. Relentlessly pushing the boundaries of the human body, as we know it and of course circus as we know it.

With an extensive performance and training history, Bianca is a co-founder of 3 is a Crowd Circus Company in 2012, she has developed and toured work extensively in Australia, Asia and Europe with companies such as Tumble Circus (Ireland), Cirque du Loin (Switzerland), Wilde Applause Creative Productions, The Crack Up Sisters, CIRCA, Aerial Angel Productions and Clowns without Borders (Sweden and Australia).

Image credit – Laurie Anne King



Duo Cervetto - Duo Lyra


Comprised of identical twins Alyce and Emma Cervetto are passionate, enthusiastic, energetic 25 year old nurses who love the life of circus. From fixing patients and healing wounds by day, they love to be in the air, upside down or hanging by each other by night. These twins specialise in synchro tissu and duo lyra, and love working anything doubles and playing handstands. With a background in gymnastics, they have entered the world of circus at an adult age and enjoy learning and performing. Their circus career started by performing for Vulcana Women’s Circus for community projects. From there they became emerging artists working for Wilde Applause Creative Productions and performed in ‘Opracus’ at Brisbane’s Wonderland Festival 2014. They have then gone onto perform at Theme parks, corporate events, local events and even internationally in Taiwan, as part of the Wizards from Oz for the Tao Yuen Children’s Festival in July 2015.

Photo credit – NFG Photography


Anja and Natalie - Anja hangs off giant chair

Anja Ali-Haapala & Natalie Lazaroo

Anja comes from a contemporary dance background, and Natalie has a background in contemporary and applied theatre. Both women share a passion for scholarly research and creative practice, and this collaboration thus seeks to not only bring our individual performance backgrounds into conversation, but also to allow us to engage in the praxis of our work. Our collaborative work is inspired by strong visual images that can spark further exploration through the languages of dance, physical theatre, and circus.






Kelsey Adams - Kelsey on Tissu

Kelsey Adams

Kelsey was a gymnast at an early age and soon after had the pleasure of discovering the world of performance art. She was immediately drawn in by the joy of performance, the intensity of heartfelt storytelling and the beauty of human connection. Her background is in tumbling, physicality, stage theatre and firetwirling. Her current focus lies in circus aerials, with a special adoration for tissu, flying trapeze and rope self-suspension. She left her fear of heights behind years ago.






Misfits - selfie from above


Misfits is a trio of performers comprising of Jeffery Turpin, Mayu Muto and Pitisi Hatcher. Experimenting with acro, inventive movement, musical instruments, rope and business suits, these performers are drawing on a diverse skill set in their quest to create something interesting. We are a trio. Art is the process. Performance the intended outcome.

Photo credit – Tisi’s selfie skills







Grace Law - on multiple tissusGrace Law

Grace has a love of performance rooted deep in her soul, though the practice only came into fruition upon joining Vulcana Women’s Circus in her adult years. She has worked on several independent productions, events and festivals and is always seeking the next thing to try. With a little internal conflict between the silly and the serious, ultimately she hopes to create performance with conscience and significance plus have lots of fun in the meantime.

Photo credit – Phil Turnbull





The Heart Throbs 2 highs The Heart Throbs

As part of the Incubator program, The Heart Throbs seek to explore lighthearted movement and play through the art form of partner acrobatics, whilst delving into some of the deeper issues that affect us as women. Body image, conformity/diversity, sexual harassment, sexualisation and self love will be looked at through both personal and societal experiences.

Utilising supportive relationships and deep body connections, these four strong women will work together to further push the boundaries of their dynamic physicality, while still retaining fluidity, sensitivity, and fun within an organic creative process.

Through this project The Heart Throbs hope to develop performance works that will add to the existing positive collective movement around endemic female identity issues.



Maite Miramontes on TissuMaite Miramontes

Maite found circus after finishing up a run in competitive gymnastics for over 10 years. Having trained mostly aerials thus far (tissu & lyra), this last year has seen Maite reunite with her love of tumbling and is now looking to explore the possibilities when combining Lyra and tumbling together in this year’s Incubator.








Madeleine GrantMadeleine Grant

Madeleine has previously worked in physical theatre in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne. Six years ago she began circus training, and three years ago found Vulcana who have encouraged and nurtured her development as a performer. She has performed in a number of works for Vulcana, 2High Festival (for Play on Productions), the WOW Festival and is currently appearing as an imaginary friend in a clown act somewhere near you. Her work includes duo and trio acrobatics, aerials, tumbling and hand balance.


Her Incubator piece is an epic journey from one end of the room to the other, it hopes to be ridiculous, thought provoking and end in success! (At the other end of the room.)




Shannon Stuart ChainsShannon Berry Bam

As an adult adopter of circus in 2011, with no real background in sport or physical arts (except maybe ballroom dance, but we don’t talk about that anymore), Shannon began to develop her skills in tissu, aerial chain, acro balance and tightwire at Vulcana.  Over the years she has been involved in a number of productions including The Wizard of Auslan and Small Change. She co-produced and performed in a production called HabitAt as part of the Anywhere Theatre Festival and is a repeat offender performing in the MELT Queer Cabaret. Her background in psychology and proclivity for social justice issues generally fuels her performances, along with a generous dose of determination and sheer bloody mindedness.




Regan Henry unconventional balancingRegan Henry

There are certain rules that one is supposed to abide by. Put your bottom on the chair, your feet on the floor and your hands in your lap. Sit quietly while you wait, Regan intends to show that there is more wiggle room in these rules than you might realise.

During the incubator, somewhere between a table and chair, some good manners will go horribly wrong.







Nadia JadeNadia Jade

Nadia Jade has flirted with the circus ever since she witnessed the glory that was The Happy Sideshow some 10 years ago. She loves cloud swing, teardrop and tumbling, and during this Incubator has been focusing on hula, exploring pathways in and around hoops of different sizes.

A long-term ardent supporter of Vulcana in particular and the arts in Brisbane more generally, she doesn’t feel quite whole unless she has one toe in an arts project at any point in time. Having participated in several major Vulcana shows over the years, she is hoping to use this opportunity to crystalise her personal performance skills and create a stunning stand-alone act.