What we do

Here at Vulcana Women's Circus, we run workshops for adults and kids and teens, and we develop community projects with all kinds of different communities, the focus always being on creativity and empowerment through circus. You can book us for gigs, workshops or hire our space at the Stores Studio, Brisbane Powerhouse.

Vulcana’s circus workshop and performance projects engage a broad range of community participants and work in partnership with arts and community organisations to create opportunities for cultural expression and community development. In a safe, playful space we encourage participants to be themselves with joy and push the boundaries of what is achievable as one or in a group.


Vulcana Women’s Circus works with the circus traditions of inclusiveness, strength, excitement and daring, to transform and empower individuals and communities. We value circus as a transformational tool which can build that empowerment. Vulcana respects the individual and encourages expanded notions of “normal”. We value women as leaders and role models, and hold that empowered women are essential in building and shaping strong communities.

Vulcana engages with people of all ages and all communities, as artists, arts-workers, participants and audience members, with a specific focus on:

-  Women
-  Deaf and disabled people
-  LGBTIQ communities
-  CALD communities

Vulcana offers:

  • A talent for everyone!
  • A shared physical language for people of all backgrounds to explore, express, and build connections
  • Opportunities for individual or community expression and collaboration, including performance opportunities
  • Professional pathways for those who hear the Circus calling!

2016 - the year in review

Download our 2016 Annual Report highlighting the year that was.

2017 - 2020

Vulcana’s future is bold, daring and courageous. Building on our 20-year reputation as a pioneering arts organisation, our 2017-2020 strategy will see Vuclana:

-  Produce high-quality circus performance
-  Innovate, both in process and art form
-  Respond to the demand for our high-quality training program
-  Engage meaningfully with diverse and under-represented communities
-  Employ artists and arts workers, particularly women
-  Tell stories, through circus, that are unique to Queensland
-  Capitalise on our existing social enterprise model
-  Collaborate with Queensland, Australian and global leaders in their field
-  Create the financial security to allow Vulcana to continuously innovate and take risks