Why Women Only Circus?

Vulcana Women’s Circus was formed in 1995 in response to the need to create a safe, non-competitive space where women could feel free to explore their physical potential.  That need continues to this day.

Vulcana recognises that women have a different physical experience learning skills in a women only space. In this regard we endeavour to grow strong women and in doing so build strong communities.

Our adult workshops and community projects are predominantly open to individuals who identify themselves as women, trans and non-binary genders. Our kids and teens workshops are open to mixed genders. We also offer some mixed gender adult workshops.

Vulcana, a British strong woman after who our company is named, was an early feminist, and in particular an ardent member of the “sensible clothing movement”, which lobbied against the wearing of corsets and other restrictive, dangerous clothing for women.

Vulcana Women’s Circus is proud to take its name from this inspiring forebear of women’s circus, to continue her passion for proving what women's bodies are capable of and to draw inspiration from her astonishing abilities.

"When I started my first circus class, I was excited by the idea of training in a women-only space, but I didn't really understand what that meant. I hadn't realised that in mixed-gender environments, my actions are constantly informed by the people around me, and my perception of their judgement of me. Then I stepped into a Vulcana class ... it wasn't until I experienced that first class that I really understood what training in a female, trans and non-binary space actually felt like. I tried harder. I felt more comfortable making mistakes. I laughed louder. I achieved more. And I felt the support and trust of my peers in a completely new way."

Kirstin, Vulcademy Participant