School Workshops

Vulcana Women's Circus provides fun, engaging, challenging and confidence-boosting school workshops for children of all ages. Our school workshops can take place at your venue, or at our Stores Studio, located at Brisbane Powerhouse, New Farm.

I would like to thank the Vulcana team for the difference you make in our kids life.  Your work really stretches our kids both physically and mentally and they get to have fun while they do it. They actually brag to the rest of the school about their prowess on the apparatus and it is the one thing all of them mention as their favourite activity in the satisfaction surveys."

K Thomson, Principal, Christian Outreach College

Let Vulcana bring the circus to you and offer your students a chance to develop trust, confidence, cooperation and communication skills that will support them in many areas of their life.

Vulcana provides school workshops tailored to your needs. We work with children and teens of all ages and levels of fitness, and we'll bring everything we need to you, or you can come to us at our Stores Studio space, Brisbane Powerhouse.

Why book Vulcana?

Students and teachers tell us time and time again that learning circus skills has a massive influence on their confidence and abilities in all areas of their life. Our tried and tested teaching techniques support students to:

  • Develop trust in fellow class mates
  • Learn new ways to co-operate
  • Improve communication and leadership skills
  • Cultivate group morale through developing unique skills together
  • Challenge their own comfort zone
  • Encourage an appreciation of the value of diversity in body shapes and sizes
  • Provide an alternate physical activity which caters to individual strengths and interests
  • Build self confidence and body awareness

School Workshop Structure

We start our school workshops with fun and energetic group games that warm up and connect the group. More specific warm up stretches will follow to prepare for basic acrobalances that lead to activities like group human pyramids.

Our trainers will lead the class through the basic skills in counterbalancing and how to support each other’s weight and safe ways to balance on each other. The participants will discover that by working together they are able to create amazing formations that will inspire confidence in their physical abilities.

We also teach some manipulation skills such as juggling and hula-hooping. This is a very different exercise that focuses on individual skills and coordination.

In the longer sessions we are able to cover simple group devising exercises and assist the students to construct routines using the skills that have been developed. These can be presented to the whole group as Show & Tell.

Vulcana can also offer aerial workshops in skills such as trapeze, tissu and lyra at our training space at the Stores Studio, Brisbane Powerhouse in New Farm.

We finish all of our sessions with a warm down, check out and short debrief, where the group can share their thoughts on their achievements and collectively celebrate their work.

Student Feedback

"It was an amazing and rare opportunity – definitely not something you do every day!"

"I was pushed beyond my comfort zone.  We were pushed past what we thought were our limits, being challenged and encouraged to take risks."

"It was exhilarating putting your body on the line yet knowing you'd be safe."

"After the program, I felt that I had become more independent."

"We learnt completely new skill sets, not just physical but social skills, especially teamwork and trust.  I felt as though we had become more united as a group by the end of the year."

"It increased my confidence, especially in terms of what my body can do."

"The trainers were excellent at teaching and were very patient and friendly. They were humble and didn't boast about their abilities…even though they were amazing!"

"Vulcana believed in our ability to give something a go, even we didn't believe in ourselves."

"There was so much effort put in by the trainers. They always took the time to show us new things and catered for all abilities."

"The trainers were always encouraging and of everyone, regardless of a person’s skill level."

Teacher Testimonials

"I love that it is so different for our students and that we have made it normal and just another facet of school life. I loved that there was a story and a theme.  This made it so entertaining and engaging. The students were great and obviously learnt much more than the skill set. The looks on their faces told it all." 

Headteacher, Christian Outreach College

"Year 8 can be a tough transition and we have a lot of students who have been disengaged from education in the past now coming to our school. A unique activity like circus fits in well. The skills the girls learnt are related to the Health and Physical Education curriculum, allowing our Year 8s to be marked on their participation, consistency and ability to perform in these workshops.

[The trainers] were very grounded, realistic,  and flexible with their overall approach towards the students and their choice of activities. They were able to read the students and adapt to the individual needs while keeping the pace and flow of the session. They were open and able to relate to the students on both a group and individual level as well."

Simone Kerr-Stevens, Head of Department, Health and Physical Education at Southside Education

School Workshops - How to Book

Just contact the Vulcana office and we can compile a bespoke training package to meet the needs of you and your students.