Vulcana creates partnerships with communities that experience barriers due to gender, age, cultural background, ability, sexual identity, or experience.  Vulcana inspires and empowers participants to express identity, stories, community and personal or group achievements. Projects facilitate cultural exchanges between participants, artists and arts-workers through the medium of contemporary circus, and may lead to a performance outcome. Vulcana has been collaborating with diverse and marginalised communities since 1996.

Why not join the circus? An article by Connect Hearing

Not everyone might realise the connection between the circus world and promoting the arts in the hard of hearing community. Fortunately, Connect Hearing recently showcased our programs and participants in an article on creative careers and those with hearing loss.

We see circus as a transformational tool that can help to empower women, expand public perceptions of “normal,” and create role models for the community. The article allowed us to explain not only the benefits of the circus, but also how those with hearing loss are included within this community. We hold workshops for both teens and adults which are designed to be accessible to the hard of hearing.

The article also gave us a chance to describe our own transformation. Through working with the hard of hearing community, we had to work on new ways to be inclusive and communicate more effectively. We hope that readers will put more thought into effective ways to include the hard of hearing community in any endeavour.

We also spoke about the origin of our name, Vulcana. In a time where women’s contributions were very limited, Vulcana was considered the strongest woman in the world. We hope to encourage more members of the community to explore the transformational power of circus performing and how it can help anyone reach their creative potential, no matter what their background is.


The Vulcana Process

The workshop process uses the richness of circus to create a shared physical language and sense of trust and connection within the workshop group. Participating in supportive but challenging and exciting circus activities can be transformational for many participants and this is the primary value of Vulcana’s community engagement.

The opportunity for participants to devise their own performance makes their experiences tangible and valuable as well as giving them access to new experiences and additional skills through the process of taking a process through to performance. Resulting performances are renowned for empowering groups and generating an immense sense of pride and achievement.

Our Partners

Over the last 21 years we’ve worked with communities such as recently arrived and refugee communities, Indigenous communities across the generations, the Deaf community, people with a disability, young people at risk, the homeless, young parents, and survivors of domestic violence. Partners on these projects have been local or state-wide service organisations such as Queensland Alliance for Mental Health, Inala Wangarra, Brisbane Youth Service, Cerebral Palsy League, MultiLink Settlement Services, Brisbane Domestic Violence Advocacy Service, MDA, Northey Street City Farm, ACPA, QAD; schools such as Albert Park Flexi School, Carinity Southside Education, Milpera, Hymba Yumba, The Murri School and Junction Park State School; councils such as Brisbane and Logan City Councils, Moreton Bay, Scenic Rim and Redlands Regional Councils; and state-wide or local arts organisations such as Access Arts, Contact Inc., BEMAC and SpeakOut. Brisbane Powerhouse, Judith Wright Centre, Logan Entertainment Centre and QPAC have also been important theatre partners in the presentation of performance projects.

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