Current Community Projects

Circus COnnections 2018

Circus Connections brought selected students at Junction Park State School together with elders living in our local community through circus and play. The project was a collaboration with Annerley TriCare Aged Care Residence, the Stephens sub branch RSL, the Annerley Stephens History group, Junction Park

State School and Vulcana, to produce an intergenerational community project in the Annerley area, and expand ideas of what a community can be.

Over 2 terms of workshops the 15 students shared games and circus skills, building social skills and finding creative outlets. Regular visitors from TriCare joined the workshops to meet the students, watch their progress, and share activities. The students, in turn, visited the Aged Care facility to meet many other residents. They were supported by Hazel Aue from the History Group and the project was launched by 97-year-old, Dr John O'Hagan, and his assistant, George Anderson, from the Stephens sub branch RSL, demonstrating his antique barrel organ, which created the theme for the whole project.

The project culminated in an informal performative workshop in the Annerley Arcade, presenting the students’ characters, games and circus.  They had specially made animal costumes to wear. The arcade was like a colourful catwalk for circus animals to show off their spectacular skills. They were joined by the TriCare residents and support staff, some of the participants’ parents, some JPSS staff and students, local traders, as well as curious passing locals wondering what the hubbub in the arcade was. The performers were accompanied by Dr John O’Hagan, on barrel organ, and costume maker and percussionist Velvet, on hand drum. The Arcade is an under- utilised but welcome space for community interaction in the Annerley area.

Emerging artist Ashleigh Djokic has created this beautiful hand drawn digital animation of the project to share with students, the school, and partners as an online memory of the project.

This project is supported by the Queensland Government.