As If No-One Is Watching

As If No-one Is Watching 

As if No-one Is Watching was a fabulous new performance making project by Vulcana Women’s Circus and WaW Dance, in collaboration with Line 26 and an exciting and excited cohort of new, emerging and experienced performers.
It explored our private and public selves and the inner voice that helps us, or hinders us, in navigating these spaces.

“Throughout history, women’s voices have been ignored, marginalised, silenced and forgotten. Sometimes the most strident voices are inside our own heads telling us who we should and shouldn’t be: whispers of doubt, confusion, fear – rumblings of rage.” Women Unfold, Adela Prado

Rehearsals began on 17 May and the public season was presented at Brisbane Powerhouse from 27 – 30 September 2018 in the Stores Studio and adjacent outdoor areas.

As If No-one is Watching  brought women together across generations, with diverse experiences and perspectives to exchange ideas and share stories. It  created a dialogue between circus, dance, the singing voice, sound and an interactive digital experience.
Audiences were invited to follow shifting performances. They were offered the choice to listen to “hidden” narratives via a mobile phone compatible website. Like rooms in a house they travelled through a performance of inner thoughts, private moments, shared intimacies and public declarations. They saw spectacular circus, constricted performance, expansive dance and quiet movement.


Celia White and Wendy McPhee – Directors
Sound Design – Anna Whitaker
Digital Design – Line 26
Vocalist – Velvet Pesu
Costume Design – Kaylee Gannaway
Videographer – Paris Owen
Circus Rigger – Helen Clifford

WaW Dance is an ensemble of mature aged women dancers, aged from 58 – early 90’s, led
by choreographers Wendy McPhee and Wendy Wallace, that aims to promote social
connection, instil self-confidence and empower mature women to age joyously. Through
contemporary dance practice and performance opportunities WaW Dance promotes change
in the perception of mature women and celebrates the important contribution these
women make to our cultural landscape.

Line 26 are digital makers who use code, experience and creativity to deliver elegant digital
solutions and experiences. Accessing a digital experience for this performance creates a new
dimension to the experience and is an exciting new development for Vulcana’s work.

This project was supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland & Brisbane City Council