Vulcana Women’s Circus creates powerful and exciting circus performance that responds to the range of participants involved in any performance project, from those new to circus, to emerging or highly experienced professional performers and collaborating artists. Each project draws on the skills, experience, and ideas of the participating artists.

Vulcana creates performance with communities using the inspiration of those community members, the newly learned circus skills and excitement of the participants, the exchange of stories, experiences, and range of skills in the group.

Vulcana creates and provides performances opportunities for emerging and experienced artists that challenge artists to find unique expressions of their circus and to respond to contemporary ideas and personal reflections. Each performance is supported by experienced direction, skilled artists, designers, arts-workers, trainers and technicians, according to the needs of the project.

Vulcana performances are renowned for being an empowering celebration of the performers’ experience, cultural exchanges between participants and arts-workers, cross-arts collaborations, the innovative use of circus and theatre, and inspiring circus skills

"The entire show seemed to be a celebration for existing. Whether it be existing as someone with scoliosis, with a hearing impairment, or even living as one gender though born another. The subtle yet well-communicated messages throughout the performance highlighted our inherent reflex as humans to judge others quickly before digging deeper, and challenged this concept intelligently."

Fluid @ MELT, Scenestr Review

“Home Fictions is upping the ante for community performances…”

Patrick Watson, Courier-Mail

“The muscle and music and metaphor of Vulcana was evocative. Lighting a perfect complement to sound. A gripping, graceful, and intelligent performance. A quiet revolution. Bravo.”

Small Change Audience Member

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