Sponsored Places

Here at Vulcana we believe in building strong communities through circus and believe everyone has a right to engage in this life changing experience regardless of their socio-economic status. This isn’t just lip service - we implement this by offering sponsored and part-sponsored places to people who otherwise would not have been able to afford to do so.

See Saw Circus provides fully sponsored places in our Vulcana Kids & Teens program, to children aged between 5 – 18 years who are experiencing social or financial disadvantage.

Vulnerable Women - Circus changes lives, and we've seen first hand the incredible transformations that take place when women are physically and emotionally empowered. Circus builds up your strength in your muscles and your mind.

Our See Saw Circus program allows us to offer places in our Vulcana Kids classes at no cost, to children referred to us by agencies working with them, schools or their families.

We at Vulcana recognise that there are lots of children who, due to their circumstances, have had a lack of safe spaces to play, learn, and take risk on their own terms. We aim to use circus as a medium to build confidence, self awareness and trust as well as promote healthy activity and self care amongst all children in our classes.

More Information

To make a donation or find out more about See Saw Circus or the Vulnerable Women Supported Places program, including sponsoring the program and enquiring about a place in the program contact:

Workshops Coordinator

07 3358 1888



"The children who participate in the Vulcana Kids after school circus activities have reported, and the staff have observed that they:

    • Have the opportunity to mix with children from other year levels and extend their friendship groups
    • Have fun at circus
    • Are happier
    • Have improved concentration, and focus and we are seeing a transfer of these skills into their school work meaning increased performance in the classroom
    • Are more willing to take risks and attempt new work
    • Have an exciting topic to talk about with their friends and in class
    • Are able to show the children in their class what they do at circus, which leads to increased confidence and a boost to their self esteem
    • Have made improvements in their English!

And additionally - one of our Core School Values – ‘We support the spark that is brought to life through their involvement in the circus program."

Christine Wood - Principal, Junction Park State School

“Without the sponsorship, I would have never had the opportunity to join these classes. As such, I have been able to participate, which I've found to be extremely beneficial to both my physical and mental health. Vulcana has given me a safe and fun place to learn aerials, something I wouldn't be able to do without the sponsorship."  Sponsored participant

See Saw Circus Funding

The Funding Network LogoSee Saw Circus has previously been supported by donations through The Funding Network & by Queensland Mental Health Commission. It is currently self-funded.

On Tuesday 16 June 2015, Vulcana’s General Manager Kirstin Sillitoe, and Workshops Coordinator Angela Willock took to the stage at Queensland Theatre Company to pitch to a room full of Brisbane’s movers and shakers. Vulcana was one of four organisations who reached this final stage of The Funding Network’s Brisbane leg.

The Funding Network are part of a global network that hosts live collective-giving events, and make the giving process fun and inclusive. You can find out more about them here.

Kirstin and Angela spoke to the room about the strength of circus as a unique form of play, and how crucial play is to disadvantaged and traumatised children. After all of the organisations had completed their pitches, all speakers were asked to leave the room, and the audience gave their pledges.

Speaking after the event, Kirstin said:

“When you consider that there are 180 reported cases of family violence in Queensland per day, that’s a lot of potentially traumatised children. We’ve seen first hand the importance of supporting children in these situations, of giving them a place to be kids, a safe space to take risks on their terms so that they can learn and have fun, and we know how amazing circus is at doing all of these things and a whole lot more.We were blown away by the amount of money we raised on the night and are thrilled to be able to give this opportunity to so many young people in Brisbane.”

Check out Vulcana's pitch at the event ...

Photograph of Angela and Kirstin after The Funding Network pitch