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Vulcana has a strong 20-year history as an artistic enterprise that works across many layers of the community. Working with the artform of circus, Vulcana changes lives.

Vulcana offers a uniquely valuable space in the community. More than just a circus training place, Vulcana is a meeting place, a place where original art is nurtured and produced, a place where people experience powerful transformative experiences, and a place where community is nurtured. Individuals have the opportunity to develop life-long skills in resilience, a place where women are valued as leaders and role-models, and where intergenerational learning flows brilliantly in all directions.

Yonna's Story

"Originally I just signed up at Vulcana because my friends were doing it but I didn't understand significance of no cis men. I didn’t go there looking for a woman-only space, but it wasn’t until I actually experienced one that I understood their significance. There’s an amazing power of being in a room without anyone questioning my strength –without the ever-present male gaze - for the first time I felt free from the concerns of image and strength and weakness and feeling generally awkward! At Vulcana, we support each other to work it out."

"As a person who experienced PTSD from rape at 18yrs of age… which I don't like to identify with necessarily… and I didn't seek places specifically to help with this... this space made me feel safe in a way I didn't know I needed. It gave me space to heal in a way I didn't look for. It helped me to grow in ways I didn't imagine. Vulcana is non-competitive, but after a few years I was strong enough to hold two people on my shoulders. Strength without putting anyone else down in the process."

"I now get to use my privilege to work with others whose life has given them challenges of all kinds. As a circus trainer today, I particularly enjoy giving kids space to play and escape the less-kind part of their lives. Gives them a sense of confidence in a difficult world. And teaching them there are times when you can trust other people, peers, and make friends."

Bena's Story

"I first discovered the power of circus at Vulcana. I arrived completely broken. Completely. Within the walls of Vulcana I found a space where I felt safe, accepted, and supported. I could be all of the parts of me. I could heal all of the broken parts too. Vulcana supported me to be strong, clear, empowered, brave. Vulcana gifts this to every woman, and those who identify as women and their supporters and kids, every day. Vulcana gifts this to marginalised women who have experienced domestic violence, racial segregation and sexual vilification. It is a powerful community and I am proud to be part of it. Thank you for rising us all up. "

Kirstin's Story

When I started my first circus class, I was excited by the idea of training in a w omen-only space, but I didn't really understand what that meant. I hadn't realised that in mixed-gender environments, my actions are constantly informed by the people around me, and my perception of their judgement of me. Then I stepped into a Vulcana class ... it wasn't until I experienced that first class that I really understood what training in a female, trans and non-binary space actually felt like. I tried harder. I felt more comfortable making mistakes. I laughed louder. I achieved more. And I felt the support and trust of my peers in a completely new way.

Vulcana is in temporary hiatus as we wait for the current world events to stabilise and clarify . Your support will enable us to continue to pay our staff, to enable us to create new online communities, and to weather this storm.

In short, your support enables us to continue our work with all of our communities.


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In the summer of 2019-2020, Vulcana underwent an epic house move. Moving house is always hard, and its even trickier with a million hula hoops, 6 unicycles, giant mats and five gazillion costumes!

Our fundraising campaign, A Home of One's Own, raise over $16,000 towards our move. We are beyond grateful. These many small and large donations made the difference in surviving a challenging transition and so thank you, immeasurably, unfathomably, from the bottom of our sequinned hearts.


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